Our Almonds


We're a little bit nuts about our product

That's why we use California grown, non-GMO almonds, handled with care by the family farms that we partner with. While most other almonds are oil-roasted, we choose to dry-roast ours, cutting out added fats and retaining superior taste! We feel great knowing that our almonds are nourishing to the body and the American economy. 

Our Spices


Feeling spicy?

We usually are... That's why we've scoured the globe to bring you authentic and delicious spices, while telling the stories of the cultures they play a role in. Our spices are sourced through an ethical supply chain. We believe in fair wages, and supporting local culture and heritage; allowing you to feel good about eating like a local! 

Our bag 


We believe it's the little things that add up

You'll notice something different about our bag: it is about half the size of our competitors. We maximize the resources we use for our bags by ensuring that our precious spiced almonds are tightly packed and no space goes wasted. Another thing you'll notice is our finish. Our bags are matte laser printed to reduce ink consumption and avoid unnecessary waste. Helping out Mother Earth one snack at a time!